26 Feb

My travels are too many to list here, and honestly, a list would not do justice to the numerous adventures I've had over the years growing up as a child and taking a two week camping trip each summer, my husband and me raising a family of our own and traveling to 46 of the 48 contiguous U.S. states, to now taking road trips all over the country with my husband, again in retirement.

I will, however, highlight some of the places we currently visit along with stories and information that may be of interest to others wanting to see the amazing sites and meet the people of our beautiful USA!

While our camping experiences are many, actual stays within a National Park are few, but memorable. One such stay was in the Rocky Mountain National Park the summer of 2018 in the Aspenglen campground. We just barely fit on our site since these campgrounds were developed before RV life was so prominent and sites were small (something to keep in mind when planning your travels). In addition, booking reservations well in advance is necessary but definitely worth the planning.

When writing Lucky Arnold's Rocky Mountain Adventure, it was this site in Aspenglen and some of the adventures on that trip that were my inspiration. I feel like I relive that camping experience each time I share my book.

The setting of our campsite, enjoying a campfire and relaxing time in nature top the list of memories. Being surrounded by the beauty of the aspens, evergreens and mountains of National Park land, in the comfort of our camping set up, was an extraordinary experience.

Just as in my book, a hike to a waterfall was one morning's fun. I believe it was this description that sold me on this hike: "If you only have time for one short hike on the East Side of RMNP, Alberta Falls is a great choice. It is one of the most popular short hikes in the park." It was a workout, but well worth it for the full sensory experience that waterfall viewing brings.

A picnic lunch led to us to an impromptu drive on the unpaved Old Fall River Road. Yes, any chance for an "off road" type experience is a definite yes for my husband, and I go along for the fun of it. This particular drive didn't make it into my book, but one creature we met along the way, on the nature filled drive, did. A marmot. He definitely gave me the feeling that he owned the road and we may as well not rush him and just settle in for this nature show.

One final adventure was after leaving the campground and pulling our trailer up the massive mountain range on Trail Ridge Road. As we climbed in altitude, drove by the continental divide sign and were surrounded with majestic views, the snow came into sight. Being greeted with snow in June is a surreal experience, one that made the Rocky Mountain National Park visit complete, for us, and offered the inspiration for several events in my book.

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