01 Mar

And here's the biggest (or smallest, since we're talking about a mouse) reason this site and my blog exists.  It's Lucky Arnold's Rocky Mountain Adventure, about the journey of Arnold and his adopted family.  Papa Moose and Mama Fox travel the US, visiting national parks, and Arnold rides along in the glove box.  Once at their destination, Arnold finds many explorations of his own as he figures out important lessons of living a full life of adventure, friendship and kindness.  It all comes to life with the vibrant and delightful illustrations that will transport the reader to one of the most breathtaking places in our country.

Some thoughts about this book:

"Anyone who enjoys a heartwarming story and adventure and nature will enjoy this book!"
Emily Moore, Fifth Grade Student

"A great central message in this story - oh, and I love the rhyming element!"
Eliana Mikolay, First Grade Teacher

"The illustrations are amazing! I am so fortunate to have had Wolf Polito, with great talent, show up in my life to bring Arnold, the other characters and the settings to life!"
Kendy Moore, Author

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