01 Mar

Where do I begin?  I'm an ordinary girl in my mind, although "girl" is a bit generous for this 60 something gray haired grandma.  Somehow self publishing a children's book has pushed me into that extraordinary category but, in my usual humble way, well, I'm ordinary, living an ordinary life.

As with all people, life has brought with it many ups and downs and bumps along the way.  I've had my times of low self confidence, being overwhelmed by life and working hard to hold it all together, health challenges and losses bringing profound grief.  I have learned that with faith and hope (and lots of support from loved ones and health professionals), love and joy prevail.  I am grateful for it all!

So, here we are, me telling you about myself because I'm promoting my book. My hope with this blog is that there is an underlying genuine message and a simple offering of adventure opportunities, real life experiences or ones through reading.

Reading is a passion of mine! No, I wasn't that child that continually had my nose in a book. Instead, it was while teaching young children that this developed.  With a carefully crafted story including intriguing illustrations, reading aloud heightened the awareness of the joy that reading offered, for the students and me!  In preparation for our read aloud sessions, I often spent hours in the library or bookstore browsing and finding texts to engage, inspire and connect learning meaningfully.

I learned much through my upbringing that was filled with family, education, church involvement and travel. Those years and experiences led to the person I am today. I became a teacher, raised my own family, developed a deep faith and have taken adventure after adventure along the way. And the adventures continue!

One of my goals in retirement was to write a children's book. I actually learned a lot about writing by teaching it to young people, and writing what you know and experience were key.  I took that to heart for my own writing and the result is Lucky Arnold's Rocky Mountain Adventure.  Through my book, you or someone you know and love will be opened to a world of adventure and fun entwined with a message that has the power to touch the lives of many.

Now, how I wish this were a two way conversation and I could ask you to tell me about a passion of yours. Relationship building is what I've come to know as one of the greatest gifts life offers. If you wish, leave a comment and share a bit of your story.

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